This or That…? #8

It’s time for another This or That…? hosted by the lovely Bookmark Chronicles!

If you aren’t familiar with this weekly discussion take a trip over to her blog and check it out!

This weeks challenge is pretty much perfect for the beginning of the fall season (my favorite!!).

Okay, as the weather is no longer in the 90s, I’m wondering when and where do you like to read in terms of weather. So do you read outside when its sunny and you can sit on the beach or under a tree sipping your iced something


Do you prefer when it’s cold outside and you can read inside next to a fireplace or in a coffee shop while drinking your hot chocolate

I am going to start by saying….I want to live wherever this wonderful lady lives! Nothing in the 90s!?! I am in Southern California, so while it is a little cooler, it still feels like the surface of Mars around here (and just as dry!). We are supposedly going to have an El Nino this year so it is also more humid than normal as well.

I will read anywhere! With that said I love being outdoors so I like to spend a lot of time reading outside. Spring and Fall are our mild seasons in terms of heat and cold, so I usually will choose to read outside during these times. During the winter and summer I read inside of course.

But in terms of my favorite, I would have to say that I love to  read outside when its sunny and you can sit on the beach or under a tree sipping your iced something!

That’s it that’s all. Let me know where you like to read as well! If you participated in this challenge link it to me and I’ll take a look!

Until next time my friends,



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