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[Review] Death by Tea by Alex Erickson

Alex Erickson

Title: Death By Tea

Series: Bookstore Café Mystery, #2

Author: Alex Erickson

Publisher: Kensington Publications

Published Date: November 4th, 2015

Genre: Cozy Mystery

 Format: EBook

Pages: 320

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

I received this novel for free from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Mystery lovers have descended on Pine Hills for this year s book club competition, to be held at Krissy Hancock s bookstore cafe. But the killer in their midst seems determined to outwit all the armchair sleuths and send Krissy to the remainder bin forever. Just before two dueling book clubs are set to square off at Death by Coffee, one of the competitors turns up dead bludgeoned with the silver teapot that was to serve as the prize. Suspicion immediately falls on Krissy, who was seen skulking around town in dark clothes on the night of the murder. To clear her name and find the real killer, Krissy turns to an old flame, Officer Paul Dalton. But even Paul can t ignore the trail of evidence that seems to point in her direction. And with Krissy s personal nemesis, Officer John Buchannan, working overtime to pin the murder on her, it will take an amazing feat of detective work to close the book for good on an elusive killer. . .”

My Review

When I saw this book up for grabs on Netgalley, I knew I had to try to get it! Coffee? Murders? Bookclub competitions!?! It was a recipe for success. I love cozies with quirky titles and quirky heroines, with quirky odd ball crimes. However, I was mildly disappointed with this one.

It definitely had the quirky crime, a man bludgeoned to death by a silver teapot trophy for a book club competition. It also had the quirky title. Death by Tea…get it? The guy was killed by a teapot in a café called Death by Coffee…Get It!?!…

The quirky heroine?…This small ingredient fell flat. What might have been considered quirky in Krissy’s tenacity and tendency for trouble merely left her somewhat obnoxious, high handed, and prone to the jumping of conclusions that always left her embarrassed, and wrong. Then when all is said and done, very rarely, does she really take the blame for mistakes. It is always “if only that person hadn’t done that…”

The mystery to the murder had so many red herrings that when the crime was solved I wasn’t shocked or bewildered…I merely felt confused and somewhat giped of a cool ending.

I’m not sure I will continue the series. Although it was a decent cozy, I just didn’t fee; any connection.



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