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[ARC Review] The Wind Whistles Wicked by Patty Fischer

Title: The Wind Whistles Wicked

Series: Yes

Author: Patty Fischer

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.

Published Date: August 9th, 2016

Genre: Horror, Mythology/Legends

 Format: Word Doc

Pages: 189

Rating: 3 Stars

I received this novel from the Author through BookTaster for free in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affect my opinions in any way, they are my own.

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

My Review

The Wind Whistles Wicked (TWWW) is the second book in a series by Patty Fischer. I am not totally sure what the name of the series is, but it would appear that TWWW can be read as a standalone. Which is great, because I didn’t read the first novel. The author is very good at keeping a minimal amount of references to the first book while also giving you a nagging interest in what happened; or if you read it, a great reminder.

I loved the idea of this book. As a horror and mythology fan I was hooked. I didn’t know a single thing about Philippine myths and legends, and after this book; to be honest, I still don’t know anything. Unfortunately the execution of this novel just didn’t excite me. The story itself is very good but the structure was somewhat lacking.

Most of the characters are one dimensional, and the main character (this is purely a personal choice as to who the main character is…because there doesn’t really seem to be a distinction as to which character(s) is important), is a very unreliable character. She claims to be and acts as if she is a hard-ass cold detective but then does not follow through on this personality trait several times in the story. I almost felt as if she was two different people at times based solely on who she happened to be talking to.

I felt that the interactions with the Aswang was very cool. She was an interesting monster in that she embodied several other monsters in one. She lacked giving me any sort of feelings of horror but I was somewhat fascinated by this legend.

This book was so fast paced with so little depth that it made it very hard to engross myself. Instead I grew disenchanted quickly with what was happening, and often felt confused as to why the author chose a scenario. There is very little to connect things together, but a few things the author practically hits you over the head with it, as if she didn’t trust the audience to follow along. Thankfully these instances weren’t too frequent.

Holy adjectives, Batman! This author loves describing things, very wordily. I almost wondered if she had a certain word goal and was desperate to meet it. I felt there was some descriptions that just weren’t needed, or at the very least not as verbose.

I think my biggest disappointment in this book is that it was a sequel. I would expect this novel as an initial prequel or even a first book. I didn’t feel that the author put much depth or thought into her characters, and instead focused primarily on the plot, which just didn’t flow very well. As someone who prefers character driven novels, this one just felt a bit flat.

However, it is a very intriguing and phenomenal plot. I would love to read more novels regarding Philippine Mythology.

Thank you again to the Author and BookTasters for allowing me to review this novel.

Happy Reading,



3 thoughts on “[ARC Review] The Wind Whistles Wicked by Patty Fischer

    1. Trang! Welcome back 😀 I am honored to be considered a favorite! ❤ It was such an amazing plot and I just wish it had more meat to it! There was so much potential there.


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