The Candy Book Tag

I was tagged for this by the amazingly wonderful Keira. Check out her blog, her taste in books is seriously #goals!!! 😀 I haven’t yet disliked a recommendation from her!


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you…. which should be common knowledge.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Tag five bloggers.

1. Apples: Ah. Healthy food. It is deep, meaningful and probably won a lot of awards, but, um, it really isn’t your thing.

apple-158419_960_720I LURVE apples!!! However, I doCynthia Bond not love this book! Ruby by Cynthia Bond. It was well written and handled some really touchy and awful subjects, but I wasn’t into it.




2. Black Jellybeans: Why do these exist?


Okay, so I just want to say that I am not for censorship in art, writing, or anything! However, one of my biggest pet peeves in stories is the use of situations that have no effect on the story whatsoever. I hate it when an author puts completely unnecessary scenes, especially terrible or morally disgusting ones that do absolutely nothing for the plot; it is there for mere shock value. Yes, you want a reaction from your audience, but if you are any good at writing, your story will deliver without needing any gimmicks.

3. Chocolate Kisses: Aww, this book has the best romance.


Let’s see, my ultimate OTP will always and forever be Celia and Marco from The Night Circus! I just ADORE them!!!!

But I admit my second OTP is Jace and Clary; mostly because I NEED Jace to be happy and Clary does the job! I am so in love with Jace!!!


4. Gummy Spiders: Eek! You made sure to check under your bed before going to sleep for a week after reading this one!

Oooh, Horror is one of my favorite genres! Let’s sJonathan Maberryee,  the horror book that gave me nightmares is Ghost Road Blues (Pine Deep Trilogy, #1) By Jonathan Maberry. This book still gives me chills!

5. Jumbo Lollipop: It took you ages to get through this one, but hey! You did it!


This one wKiera Cassill have to go to The Selection. I started and stopped this book so often that it almost felt like a chore. However, once I actually started getting into it, I COULD NOT put it down!




6. Candy Floss. Admit it, you loved this when you were younger (and probably still do).


Of course this goes to Harry Potter!!! I LOVED the series as a kid (okay teenager), and guess what, I still adore them!!!!

J.K. Rowling


I Tag You!

Kat @ Life and Other Disasters //  Amanda  //  Rae @ BookmarkChronicles  //  That Wild Soul  //  Alex


Happy reading!


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