Review Policy

Hello authors. Thank you for considering me for reviewing your books. On this page you can find information on how to contact me, books I accept, my rating policy, and what you can expect from my reviews.

Note: I am not a professional book reviewer, I do not get any monetary gain from doing this. Therefore book reviewing is NOT my sole purpose in life. I do have a job and I do have social obligations. I can get very busy. I will always attempt to be honest and keep you updated, but I don’t always meet deadlines as much as I wish I did. Please keep this in mind before requesting a review from me.

Book genres I will Review:

  • Mystery- Thrillers, cozies, suspense
  • Horror- Gory, supernatural, zombies, witches
  • YA- Fantasy/Sci-Fi  **NOTE: I am not in a YA mood lately. I will be very critical in the books I accept from the category right now**
  • Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Non-Fiction: This is highly dependent on what it is about.
  • Literary Fiction

Books I won’t accept: Romance/Erotica, Contemporary

My Reviews

I am a very organic reviewer. I will discuss how I feel during the reading of the novel. I am not highly critical and therefore I don’t nitpick everything. I like to just let my opinion flow into one concise review. I will talk about the things I like, love, dislike about the book. If I don’t like it I will give you a reason. I will always do my best to finish your book, even if I am not feeling it and give you (hopefully) I decent reason as to why I didn’t like it.

However, please keep in mind that if I am not enjoying the book and I can’t get myself to finish it, I WILL choose TO NOT FINISH the book. I will attempt to give you a reason why. This very rarely happens as I will try my very best to finish every review book given me.

My opinions will be my own. I will not tolerate any bullying of my opinions from authors or attempts to sway that opinion. In exchange I will give you a fair, and honest review.

My Rating Policy

Please look at my rating policy. I do not give half points! I am pretty straightforward with my rating system.

  • 1 star reviews are strictly for DNFs (Did Not Finish). All books I don’t finish due to disliking it are rated here. Anything I just lost time for are all under On Hold.
  • 2 star reviews are books that I just didn’t care for. These are books that were a bit of a struggle to finish, or I wish had never read (this a rare rating for me).
  • 3 star reviews are for books that I liked, but for some reason they just didn’t go above and beyond for me. Generally these are books that I enjoyed, but didn’t grip me.
  • 4 star reviews are for books that I loved. These are books that grip me, and keep me thinking about them for a while. Generally books, that I will recommend to someone.
  • 5 star reviews are for books that I am fangirling over. These are books that connected with me, gripped me. I will recommend them to EVERYONE, in fact I will shout it from a rooftop ‘Read this book!!’. These of course are books that become a favorite for me.

Where I will post my review

Goodreads// Twitter// Instagram //  my blog

Please Note that I do not review on amazon. This is because I have trouble posting some reviews and have decided it is not worth my effort. However, if you would like me to review on a certain site other than amazon please let me know and I will attempt to do so.

Contact Me

If you have read this whole page and still feel like I am a good match for your book please contact me at

Thank you