Tailored Murder At 221B Baker Street- A Progressive Story

“Now, now my dear. It will be alright”

Renowned sleuth Sherlock Holmes crossed his arms, and with a tsk of disdain looked upon the scene before him with quite a bit of barely contained impatience.

Holmes and Watson arrived at Mack’s Threads in time to find Molly completely beside herself with hysteria. Crying and mumbling barely coherent sentences. This did not favor the poor girl in Sherlock’s estimation. He was a firm believer in keeping your head in every situation. Romanticism rarely lent itself well to any problem.

“I-I- d-d-d..” and Molly began anew in her agony. Just what she as going to say still has yet to be heard in the last 15 minutes since Holmes and Watson made their way to the rather posh tailor.

“It’ll be alright Molly. Take a deep breath and let’s hear what has you going on so.” Watson soothes her.

Molly gave a huge shuddering breath “I got a notice from Mrs. Charlemagne that Mack never showed to his appointment!” she gave another terribly wet hiccup “He never misses an appointment! I just know somethin’ terrible has ‘appened to ‘im! Just yesterday that Mr. Jeeves come in here causing the worst sort of ruccous! ‘an about money of all things!” Molly stops to hiccup once more

“Money?” Sherlock inquires with a narrowing of his shrewd eyes.

“’Oi it was terrible! Jeeves – that is Mr. Charlemagnes butler comes burstin’ through that door. I thought maybe the Mrs’ wannit happy about somthin’; but Jeeves just walks straight to the back and has a nasty row with Mack!”

“What exactly was said in this row?” Sherlock enquires.

“Oh” Molly cries out “that Mack owes money to that awful Bob!” another blubbery hiccup from Molly “Bob’s Better Bets! As if Charles Caldwell Chastain III would ever stoop so low!” Molly cried out with a rather alarmingly dramatic show of pride! “Jeeves claimed that if Mack didn’t pay up he would b-b-burn the shop” and so Molly began to cry once again.

“hmm. Interesting” Sherlock mumbles as he walks towards the door without further questions.

“This Jeeves must be an enforcer for this criminal syndicate. This case is getting more interesting as we go” he says with a small smile tugging the corners of his mouth.



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