A Little Less Lonely Book Tag

I was tagged for this by Keira. Thank you Keira!!!

So sorry it took me so loooong to do it 😀

A Classic That Got You

a classic book (or a modern classic), where you identified with the main character or any of the characters on a deep level



Hmmm, a characters that I identify with. I think I would say Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I can see some similarities between us. For one we both talk a lot!! Plus I am pretty much anti marriage, and too stubborn for love! But I am hopeful for a Mr. Darcy at some point to change my mind 😀

 A Surprise

a book that surprised you with how much it affected you


Deborah Harkness

I wasn’t at first very sure about this book, I am so over Vampires! However, I love this story so much!!!!

A Book You Read At Just The Right Time


I am not at all sure what to put here, so I am passing. Sorry! 😦


A Book That Inspires You

J.K Rowling

Harry Potter! Always. These books just make me incredibly happy! They are full of inspiration: Loyalty, love, friendship, kindness, perserverance.

A Book That Calms You

martha grime.jpg

I am going with A Man With A Load of Mischief by Martha Grime. This is the first novel in her Richard Jury mystery series. I adore this series so much! I feel so nolstagic just thinking of them!

I won’t be tagging anyone this time around. However, feel free to tag yourself and mention me so I can check it out!


Happy reading,



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