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This or That…? #78

Well, once again I have come in out of the blue with another post after being a bit MIA! I think from now on I just wont promise posts, or have any sort of schedule, they will just pop up when they pop up xD. I fell like maybe a more organic flow of posting will feel less like a chore when it comes to blogging, well anyway. I think I will discuss that more on my weekly review.

It is Monday, and that means I will jump in with a This or That…? post! I adore Rae AND her weekly meme. You should definitely go check her out!

This week Rae asked

Have you ever given a book a one star (out of 5) rating?

If so, give the title and why didn’t you like it (or them if it’s happened more than once).

Good question!

You will find that I am not a heavily critical reader, however, I won’t hesitate to DNF (Did Not Finish) a book! I am a firm believer in ‘life is too short..’. I am just a super busy person and I have no interest in wasting any time with a book that I am really not liking.

Which comes to the point of the 1 star rating. This is ONLY for books I choose not to finish! If I don’t really much care for a book but I was able to finish it I will always give it 2 stars.I should say that it is VERY rare that I give a book 2 stars, because, as I said, I won’t read books I don’t like.

There is only one exception of course, and that is books I received specifically to review. I will try my damned hardest to finish a book, there have only been a few that I refused to finish, and I felt so awful that I just tightened my screening process for review books. I hate DNFing on an author that asked me to review their book…especially if I had chosen that book.

Anyway, now on to 1 star books:

  1. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by A.N. Roquelaure – I HATED this book! I didn’t even get past the second chapter!
  2. The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll –  I actualy DNFed this one because of time. I couldn’t stand the main character and just didn’t have the time to invest in trying. I might try again at some point.
  3. Ready Player One and Armada by Ernest Cline- Talk about info dumps. These books were very well written and if I had a little more patience (or interest in computers and 80s trivia) it probably would have been okay.
  4. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. This one made me sad. I wanted to like it, but by 80 pages I just wasn’t feeling it. My reading partner for this one didn’t like it either so I just cut my losses.

Well, thats hardly all of them but its all I have time for listing today!

Thank you Rae for another wonderful discussion post. Let me know how you handle 1 star ratings below.

Be sure to check out Rae’s answer to this question here.

Happy Reading,


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