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Book Review: Gone Without a Trace by Mary Torjussen

Title: Gone Without a Trace

Series: No

Author: Mary Torjussen

Publisher: Headline

Published Date: March 23rd, 2017

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

 Format: EBook

Pages: 352

Rating: 2 Stars

I received this book through Netgalley and the author for free in exchange for a review for the Mystery Thriller Event. This in no way affects my opinions, they are my own.


Synopsis (From Goodreads)

No one ever disappears completely…

You leave for work one morning.

Another day in your normal life.

Until you come home to discover that your boyfriend has gone.
His belongings have disappeared.
He hasn’t been at work for weeks.
It’s as if he never existed.

But that’s not possible, is it?

And there is worse still to come.

Because just as you are searching for him
someone is also watching you.


My Review

Gone Without a Trace was very intriguing at first. How could you not be interested in a book with that suspenseful blurb!?! Unfortunately, this book fell very flat.

It started off very good. One day Hannah Moore, who is on top of the world in both her professional and personal life, comes home to find her boyfriend has disappeared. All of his stuff is gone, every last trace of him. Then, strange things start to happen. Someone is following her, entering her house when she isn’t there. Sending her notes and presents. She determines to find her missing boyfriend no matter the cost!

It started to drag on a bit, with very small things that would somewhat catch my interest and then die out with no information. I found myself getting frustrated, and just needing the book to come to some kind of end, or at the very least find the guy! Every scenario I could imagine as to why her boyfriend took off, and the way he did kept running through my head; it was pretty much what kept me going.

Finally, that moment came, and let me tell you! It threw me for a complete loop! Not in a good way. I still don’t understand exactly what happened or why for that matter. The author just took the whole first half of the book and basically threw it out the window! I was so frustrated with this twist and felt like the whole beginning and middle was pretty, much a waste of time.

I think it is a very interesting direction to take, however maybe a little more clues in the beginning to prepare ourselves not to trust the main characters side of things, would have made it easier to swallow.

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