Book Club News: It’s now a Challenge Club!

That’s right everyone. Many of you know, if you don’t – you do now, that run I a book club on Goodreads with the awesome Keira. That club, It’s Not Just A Book Club, has been in existence since February of this year! Just a little under 1 year old.

Well as these things do sometimes, it has hit a rocky patch and we are using 2017 to resuscitate that sucker!!!

Not only isn’t getting a name change, it is also getting a whole format change. Instead of choosing a book that half of everyone doesn’t want to read, or doesn’t have time for, or just can’t find anything to say about, we have chosen monthly challenges!

Challenges that you get to interpret and choose a book to read. That’s right these challenges are specifically open ended so YOU can be the sole interpreter of how you decide to complete it.

Not only does this give everyone a lot more control of what they are reading but they also get to complete it all at their leisure.

The challenges for 2017 are:

  • January: A book with a character that has a common mental health issue, learning disability/difference or social problem.
  • February: A book without the letter ‘e’ in the title.
  • March: A book set in a country you’ve never been to.
  • April: A book with a man/boy on the cover.
  • May: A book set in the 20th Century not about WWII.
  • June: A book told not exclusively in prose.
  • July: The first book you see in a bookshop.
  • August: A book recommended by a librarian.
  • September: A memoir/auto-biography.
  • October: A book less than 250 pages long.
  • November: A book recommended to you by someone in the club.
  • December: A book out of your comfort zone.

I will also be hosting a raffle prize of $15-20 book from Book Depository. To be entered into this prize you will need to have completed all 12 challenges.

If this sounds fun, come join us at It’s Not Just A Book Club.





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