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Short & Sweet Reviews: The Paradise War by Stephen Lawhead

The Book

The Paradise War is the first book in Stephen Lawheads epic fantasy series, Song of Albion

From the dreaming spires of Oxford, Lewis Gillies drives north to seek a mythical creature in a misty glen in Scotland. Expecting little more than a weekend diversion, Lewis finds himself in a mystical place where two worlds meet, in the time-between-times – and in the heart of a battle between good and evil.

The ancient Celts admitted no separation between this world and the Otherworld: the two were delicately interwoven, each dependent on the other. The Paradise War crosses the thin places between this world and that, as Lewis Gillies comes face-to-face with an ancient mystery – and a cosmic catastrophe in the making.

My Thoughts

Epic fantasy, ancient mystery, cosmic catastrophe; hell I want to read it again just from reading the blurb! Although I do love fantasy I can’t say it is a category I am well versed in or actually read very often; so I had no idea this book even existed. Thankfully the brilliant Luke Taylor (shameless promotion- Read his books! XD) set me straight and now I am a fan! Despite my dallying to actually finish the book — work sucks! — I whole heartedly enjoyed it! I honestly don’t know why I don’t read more fantasy books (other than YA Fantasy), I seem to really enjoy them!

Who should read this books– Other than everyone? If you like epic fantasies, with world destroying battles between good and evil, Celtic mythology, a very human hero that you can relate to, than this book is definitely for you. Lawhead is a very poetic writer, with vast and sprawling descriptions of a gorgeous backdrop and character that are easy to love and dislike. 

I definitely recommend!



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