Hello Lovelies

I know I have been MIA for MONTHS, all I can say is that things have snowballed into so much chaos that I barely have time an energy to keep myself alive. 

Okay, so maybe not as dramatic as all that — but I have been VERY busy and just plain tired. I got a promotion at work, which was great, but I also work more hours now and therefore have less time at my disposal. Top it off with I decided to keep my second job (because hey I could use the extra money for my book fund XD); I now manage (one I co-manage with the wonderful Keira) two book clubs (which I refuse to get rid of); a horrendous ARC pile from Netgalley that I am doubtful I will even put a dent in by the end of the year, and this blog, plus family and friend obligations.

With everything I even considered wither or not to come back to blogging. Of course I decided to come back. I can’t leave all of the wonderful friends I have made so far (I hope you are all still with me!). So I am back, however I am seriously limiting my blogging time to 1.5 days (I can spare a few hours on Saturdays). I will of course try to continue with a lot of the memes as that helps me stay active and they are fun. My goal is to also be more active on everyone’s pages. I have noticed that I really only interact with a few of you, I want to change that! I have so many friends, but really only know a handful of you!

My next goal for my blog is to be more organized. I want to try to set up posts beforehand and then have them ready to go on the scheduled day. I will also revamp my blog design to be a little more organized as well. This will be a slow process; but I am determined to come back better than ever.

Blogging and reading, and talking with all of you make me happy, and I could use all the happiness I can get right now!

Until next time,



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