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[ARC Review] Emotion Market by Dimitris Chasapis

Title: The Emotion Market

Author: Dimitris Chasapis

Publisher: author

Published Date: February 7th, 2016

Genre: Science Fiction

 Format: Kindle Book

Pages: 224

Rating: 2 Stars

I would like to thank the author and Book Tasters for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

Doctor Caroline Emerson, a Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, is a guest on Mary Ann West’s wildly popular show 10 with Mary Ann. The interview is viewed live by 500+ million viewers.
The doctor’s prize-winning patented tech is being implemented and offered to the public, but not everyone is enthusiastic about the innovation – to put it mildly. Emotion Markets start to operate in major cities around the globe. Citizens are finally able to buy emotions and control their intensity!
Caroline’s dream of helping people by allowing them to improve the psyches and eliminate negative emotions is finally becoming a reality. She knew society would be better for it.
However, there is intense social unrest created by skeptics and opponents of the idea. The industries affected by the operation of emotion markets are many and they unite for the first time against the common enemy. The powerful pharmaceutical companies are particularly displeased. Emotion Markets quickly become the new trend for citizens of many countries who are desperately looking for a way to take charge of their emotions…

US President Walters and Congresswoman Parsons support the idea and promote a controversial reform law integrating invasive procedures in Emotion Markets into Americans’ Health Insurance.
Caroline Emerson tries to find the balance between the ideal and the practical, moving her research into unexplored territories for the mind and emotions.
The ethical dilemmas are enormous while communities try massively for the first time in human history, to understand, evaluate and ultimately respect the value of their emotions.

We are what we feel. If we can change what we feel, then we change what we are!

In view of the results of extensive clinical trials, the society is eager to finally take control of their emotions and millions intentionally become the guinea pigs for this medical-tech breakthrough that promises hope, but also,as many critics are quick to point out, entails incalculable risks…


My Review

The Emotion Market really fell flat for me. The concept was awesome, however the execution didn’t really work. Which is awful- I HATE giving bad reviews.

I’ll start off by saying that this is an incredible idea. There is so much that can be done and said in a world where emotions are scientifically controlled. Are you really angry? Too jealous? Depressed? That’s okay minimalize your emotions at an Emotion Market (EM)! This concept has so many pros and cons that one could think this novel would be one roller coaster after another.

Unfortunately, it just missed the mark. I feel like that plot could use a little more hashing out, and the characters a bit more developing, and maybe not so scattered around. A new character was brought in, with absolutely no warning, every few chapters; it was a bit confusing.

Another unfortunate aspects is I felt like I was reading a bad translation of a book. There were a few instances where the wrong word was used; although I could tell what he meant, it took me a few seconds to determine it, and it just took away from the story a little.

Overall, I think with a little more tweaking, character development, and editing; this would be a great story!

Happy reading,



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