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[ARC Review] The Complete In The Dark Room Saga by Luke Smitherd

Title: In The Darkness, That’s Where I Will Know You: The Complete Black Room Story

Series: In The Black Room Saga

Author: Luke Smitherd

Publisher: Flying-Body Press

Published Date: April 2nd, 2015

Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

 Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 403

Rating: 3 Stars

I received this novel from Netgalley and the Publisher for free in exchange for an honest review.


Synopsis (From Goodreads)

There are hangovers, there are bad hangovers, and then there’s waking up inside someone else’s head. Thirty-something bartender Charlie Wilkes is faced with this exact dilemma when he wakes to find finds himself trapped inside The Black Room; a space consisting of impenetrable darkness and a huge, ethereal screen floating in its centre. It is through this screen that he sees the world of his female host, Minnie.

How did he get there? What has happened to his life? And how can he exist inside the mind of a troubled, fragile, but beautiful woman with secrets of her own? Uncertain whether he’s even real or if he is just a figment of his host’s imagination, Charlie must enlist Minnie’s help if he is to find a way out of The Black Room, a place where even the light of the screen goes out every time Minnie closes her eyes…

IN THE DARKNESS, THAT’S WHERE I’LL KNOW YOU tells the complete story of THE BLACK ROOM PARTS ONE TO FOUR all in one book, and contains all of the adventures of Charlie and Minnie. All the answers are revealed in a story guaranteed to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

My Review

Woah! This books is just one huge bizarre world that I was equally fascinated, confused, and utterly mind blown by. I am still shocked, and a bit uncertain about the meat of this story. The why’s, the how’s; I just don’t get it. I also don’t know how to talk about it without using spoilers!

The whole thing just feels like a weird roller coaster through Physics 101. Though the mechanics of the plot are strange and confusing, I really enjoyed following the story. I seriously had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen. EVERYTHING was a shocking twist, and escalated really quickly!

My only dislike about this book is the enormity of the bizarreness; yes, I do understand that this is a very confusing sentence. I am not shy to delve into bizarre and strange stories. In fact the more unique and weird the better! However, this book is more along the lines of completely mind blowing. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. The further I ventured into the story the more I was confused AND intrigued. I just kept waiting, and waiting, and I waited some more to finally understand what the hell was going on…but it just continued to get even weirder and riddled with unanswered questions. Then the end; and none of my questions were answered. However, I did like the ending…though it wasn’t nearly what I had expected or wanted.

This was a story I enjoyed, but will probably need to read a few more times before I actually understand it. Smithered did a great job!

If you decide to read this books, don’t read them all at once, take some time to let each books settle before moving onto the next one, otherwise it might just give you a headache.
Happy Reading



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