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This or That…? #34

Go check out Rae’s epic site and start participating in this meme; you know you want to!

BTW! I finally made up a new Feature Image. I love it, I think it is so cool! I hope you like it to Rae!!! 😀


So now on to the question…

OTP (one true pair)


Love triangles

“oh great, this shit again”…

Rae! I couldn’t have said it any better; however I will try 😉

Love triangles. An emotionally twisted, dramatic, evil plot of writers to give their character something to have turmoil over; AND IT IS UNECESSARY! I can seriously name a million other things they can have turmoil over! I hate love triangles.

Why!?! You ask, and I so passionately heated about love shapes. Rest assured, I will tell you. Having such a heavy focus on the romance of two or more individuals, for me, really takes away from the story line. I prefer books that have mild romance, which is generally in the background. I can’t stand the back and forth, who will they pick, love or desire, or both…ugh! Plus, if you think about it nobody really wins, someone is going to get hurt down the road…so it sucks!

It is so rare for me to find an author that does the love shapes so charmingly, and generally in those instances the triangle isn’t a big part of the story. Yeah there is some turmoil, and drama, but generally it is in the background and really the least of the characters problems!

Another good point that Rae made, was that love triangles are EVERYWHERE!  I don’t see the need to put it in the story, its really distracting and mostly just makes me angry!

Well anyway, as you can see I am full on OTP (*Ahem* Jace & Clary *Ahem). I can’t imagine that anyone enjoys triangles or any love shapes, but I guess you are out there lol

Rant Over 🙂 Let me know what you think; either in the comments OR reply to Raes post

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6 thoughts on “This or That…? #34

  1. YES CLACE!! I really don’t like the idea of love triangles because like you said no one really wins. Also, why does it turn into a game? It’s a relationship not a game of tennis!

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