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This or That…? #33

Eeek! I just noticed that in most of my This or That…? Posts the image is all cut off :/. I am going to remedy that on Weds, and just make a new image (hope you don’t mind Rae!) 😀

Anyway, so of course This or That is hosted by the most beautiful and talented (and occasionally evil 😉 ) question writer! This weekly meme is by far one my favorites. In fact it is really the only one that I am still doing…well besides WWW Weds; but that is just an update lol. Anyway, enough rambling; go check out Rae’s epic sight and start participating in this meme; you know you want to!

This or That…?

Getting to choose the cast the movie for a book of your choice


Rewriting a book of your choice

Oh boy, I will try not to make this into a super long rant on why I don’t like movie casting (at least very rarely).

I will start off with movie casting. Nothing irks me more than bad casting for a movie adaption of a book I really loved (Divergent! I will NEVER get over this). Bad casting for the characters can be minimal or just purely outrageous! There doesn’t seem to be an in between. I either feel meh about it or I burn with a fiery passion of annoyance! Casting can seriously make or break a movie adaption. It is almost better to just not have a movie to begin with, instead of all of my hopes singing in the air, and I am left to pick up the ashes! (eek, calm down Debbie Downer!)

Rewriting a book, just sounds daunting and I really don’t have a good enough imagination for that! There are obviously aspects I would change about some books (Allegiant’s ending; wow do I have issues with the Divergent franchise lol). Or make little tweaks…or add something I felt should have been added…or suggest a sequel. Anyway, for the most part if I expected to love a book and I don’t, I can easily just toss it aside and move on. So this isn’t that irksome for me.

So yes, I would definitely choose the cast for a movie. I love to read, I do not love to write! lol.


Thanks again to Rae for this insightful question! I look forward to next week. And don’t forget to follow Rae’s blog to find out what the results for this week’s question is!

Happy Reading




6 thoughts on “This or That…? #33

  1. I would love to have a career as a casting director so definitely wanting to cast the characters! I mean, you can’t please everyone and it’s difficult and a long process and you’ll have to compromise. Some people are going to hate your choices either way, but sometimes, that actor or actress just becomes the character. It’s a real thing of beauty!

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