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This or That…? #30

*Blogger Note: Eeek! I have been so behind this last month that I have missed so many of these challenges!!! Ah, well, now I am back, feeling better, and about to do some major catch up with my blog!*

Hello fellow bloggers and reader enthusiasts, it is Monday and that means a new This or That…? Challenge!

This or That…? is a challenge hosted by Rae @ Bookmark Chronicles. Basically she gives you two topics of similar variety and you get to choose which one you prefer.

This weeks topic is…

Do you prefer original fairy tales


Retellings of fairy tales

I would have to say retellings. I am addicted to fairy tale retellings, classic retellings, pretty much all of the retellings. I love seeing a modern spin on things, or even just a different take of the same story. I also love to see retellings of these stories from different character perspectives. Like the Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and Wicked by Gregory Maguire. And then you have the same stories but reimagined with twists like the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer , and one my personal favorites; a book based on Beauty and the Beast; A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass

This is a category I can get behind. Retellings are just fun, and usually very unique; and just a new way to look at stories we have grown up with. Of course you won’t always read one that does the original justice, but you are always likely to stumble upon at least a few gems! I highly recommend taking up a few retellings, if you haven’t already.

Happy Reading



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