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[Book Club Review] Over Sea, Under Stone (The Dark Is Rising, #1) by Susan Cooper

Title: Over Sea, Under Stone

Series: Yes; The Dark is Rising Series, #1

Author: Susan Cooper

Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks

Published Date: May 24th, 2004

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy & Adventure, Mythology

 Format: Hardcover

Pages: 196

Rating: 5 Stars

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

On holiday in Cornwall, the three Drew children discover an ancient map in the attic of the house that they are staying in. They know immediately that it is special. It is even more than that — the key to finding a grail, a source of power to fight the forces of evil known as the Dark. And in searching for it themselves, the Drews put their very lives in peril. This is the first volume of Susan Cooper’s brilliant and absorbing fantasy sequence known as The Dark Is Rising.

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My Review

Another one that deals with Arthurian legends, and I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!! So much so, that I have immediately decided to read book two! I am now fully obsessed with Arthurian mythology!

I love a good Middle Grade story, especially if it has adventure in it! This books begins with the Drew children along with their parents, and Great Uncle Merry (Gummery), on vacation in a little seaside town somewhere in Europe (I can’t remember exactly where it was). The children end up shut inside on a rainy day and discover an old map, in which they find that someone evil is also looking for the same map, and a hidden treasure that could possibly be the Holy Grail! With the help of the ever enigmatic Gummery (Who may or may not have a mysterious connection to the grail itself) they attempt to find the treasure before the bad guys can find it.

This story was wonderful, it was full of adventure, intriguing characters, and twists! I couldn’t put it down and I really can’t wait to read book two! Highly recommended!

This was the February Middle Grade Book Pick for the It’s Not Just a Book Club. Join us for March!

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