Book Club Announcement!

Hi everyone!!

For those of you who are following along with It’s Not Just A Book Club (if you are not follwoing, what are you waiting for :D) we are in need of a new fellow moderator!!

Unfortunately  we have already picked the books for March, so you would have to be willing to take one the books already chosen, however you will be free to choose your own book starting in April!

Categories up for grabs

  • Anti-theme; this book would be the oposite of whatever our theme for the month is.
  • The Verse book ( I will be alternating months with you); this would be a books written in verse or a book of poetry. I will be alternating with you monthly in this category.
  • Middle-Grade (MG); this will of course be middle grade style books.

By the end of the week we will have the March book picks up for everyone, so that we all have more time to decide what books we will read and to be able to get the books by March.

Contact Keira if you are interested in taking one (or all) of these categories


I hope everyone will join us, next month.

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