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This or That…? #24

Hello fellow bloggers and reader enthusiasts, it is Monday and that means a new This or That…? Challenge!

This or That…? is a challenge hosted by Rae @ Bookmark Chronicles. Basically she gives you two topics of similar variety and you get to choose which one you prefer.

This week is such a special one, it is Rae’s Birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAE!!!! I hope today is wonderful, and magical, and brilliant, and brings all of your hopes and wishes to life!!! 😀

Birthdays are a source of getting those books that you desperately want, but haven’t gotten around to buying, or really just don’t want to pay the high price of it. We simply ask our loved ones to get us a book and wah-la, they instantly become our favorite person i the whole wide world!

So in the tradition of book gifts, Rae would like to know if you would prefer…

a copy of your favorite book which you have already read a million times


A copy of a book that you’ve never heard of before? (It could possibly be a really good book or one that you hate. You won’t know until you read it)

Honestly, I am happy whenever someone buys me a book period!

However, I will say, as I really own most of all of my favorites; and favorites is a VERY broad scope; I will go with getting a copy of a book I have never heard of before.

I love getting recommendations for new books. I also love the idea of gifting your favorite books to someone. I would absolutely love it if someone gifted me with their all-time favorite book, or even the book they are just currently going ga-ga over. That is how you experience the joy of new books and new authors!

Which would you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading



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