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This or That…? #23

Hello fellow bloggers and reader enthusiasts,

I have been very neglectful of my blog this week! I have been pulled in so many different directions,and unfortunately it was the blog that had to suffer for it. Plus I was in a rush to finish as much reading as I could for the Bout-of-Books 15 challenge.

Anyway, This or That…? is a challenge hosted by Rae @ Bookmark Chronicles. Basically she gives you two topics of similar variety and you get to choose which one you prefer.

This week is about how you bookmark your reading stops. As we can’t (usually) read a whole book in one sitting (unless you have pretty much the coolest super power ever!), we often must mark where we leave off.

So Rae has asked the ultimate question, do you use a bookmark or dog-ear the pages?

Well, so we all know what a book mark is; any object that you can slip between the pages and use to mark where you have left off. This doesn’t necessarily mean a pretty and expansive; artistically wielded stationary; though who doesn’t love to get their hands on those? This could be just about anything, from a paperclip to a receipt; in fact I have been known to even use a napkin when need be.

Now dog-earing…I can’t imagine there is anybody unsure of what this is. For the most part, depending on who you are speaking to, this is a very taboo thing to do! To dog-ear a page, is to use the corner of that page to mark your place; this is done by folding the corner and creasing it to allow easy access to finding the said page.

As I said, dog-earing is a hot topic amongst readers. It is common to come across readers who want to keep their books in pristine condition! Their love for the words has created an adoration much equal to that of antique collectors. That is not to say, there is anything wrong with this! Rather, imagine their libraries full of beautiful hardcovers and paperbacks. It would be peer bliss to wander in these home libraries and see these books handled with such love and devotion.

I generally use bookmarks, but I have been known to dog-ear on occasion, but only to my own books. I try to be as respectful as I can possibly be to other people’s books, including library books. I am a firm believer that books should be read and loved, especially favorites that are often re-read. All of my books have creases, and broken spines, and maybe a tiny stain or two (although I try VERY hard to never eat or drink over them, it happens though). I am the type of reader who wants her books to look worn, and loved. I have never believed that bookshelves should look pristine. It looks too much like the books are never read.

So yes, I dog-ear, I eat and drink around them, I break spines, and I have even accidently ripped a page here and there. I am not gentle with my books, but they are certainly well loved.

Please don’t judge me too harshly 😀

Happy Reading



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