Bout of Books Day 4 (Day 3 Progress)

It has been a very long day! Unfortunately I have opted out of doing today’s challenge which was hosted by Bingeing On Books. It was a really cool mash up of which villains from any series you would like to see square off. You should absolutely head over to her site and see what everyone else posted! I however, really don’t feel like thinking tonight…:(

Anyway so, Day 3 was once again a bust. I really hope that the next few days will be full of more reading, or I will never finish my goal!

Pages Read

Margruder’s Curiosity Cabinet- 4%

City of Bones- 87 pages

I hope everyone has had better luck in the reading process.

Happy Reading!


P.S. On a side note, today wasn’t all non-productive on the bookish front. I signed up for my first blog tour and got auto-approved by two publishing companies on Netgalley. So that’s really cool!


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