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This or That…? #21

Hello fellow bloggers and reader enthusiasts,

This is the last This or That challenge of 2015…but fear not I am positive it will still be around in 2016 (It has to be!!!).

Anyway, This or That…? is a challenge hosted by Rae @ Bookmark Chronicles. Basically she gives you two topics of similar variety and you get to choose which one you prefer.

This week Rae poses a pretty good question

Do you tend to read more by male or female authors?

Honestly, I think this questions depend entirely on what ones favorite genre is. Of course you read more books from your

.favorite genre, and I have noticed that there is somewhat of a gender theme with authors of certain genres.

What I mean is that there are certain genres that have more female authors, and others with a more abundance of male authors. For example, say you look at contemporary YA; you will find more female authors in that genre. Now take a look at, say, mystery thrillers, or cop books, I believe there is a slightly higher amount of male authors.

That does not mean to say that authors or pigeon holed into certain genres based on their gender. Look at Nicholas Sparks a very popular contemporary author. Authors, and really anyone in general, should write and do whatever makes them happy regardless of gender stereotypes.

Now, as for me, I would say I read more female authors, because they seem to be the majority of YA Fantasy authors, which is a huge deal for me. However I also LOVE horror and thrillers which seem to be a majority of male authors.

So, It would seem, that this question depends entirely on the genre, for me.


Happy Reading,



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