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This or That…? #20

It is Wednesday and I think we’re having a tornado here in California. We pretty much have projectiles flying everywhere. So while I am in my besties cozy home I will give you a This or That…? Challenge.

As always this weekly meme is hosted by the supremely wonderful Rae; and this week she would like to know…

Would you prefer to be a famous, New York Times Best-Selling author


The person that best-selling authors go to for reviews

I would absolutely love to be a bestselling author!! I don’t necessarily care about the famous part, in fact I really don’t want to be famous. AT least not in the sense of everyone everywhere knowing who I am and following my life obsessively. I NEED a modicum of privacy!

However, to be an author; and to have people actually read and enjoy my books would be incredibly thrilling.  I love books so much, that to have created something that others feel the need to also read would be amazing!

Now, if I am realistic, the likelihood that I would enjoy being an author is very slim. The deadlines, the locking yourself away in a room to finish by the said deadline, contracts I would need to fulfill. It all just sounds, not fun! Of course I really have a very minimum idea of what goes into being an author, but I have no interest in fighting my way to finish deadlines considering I have very minimal amounts of patience and just as much creative imagination. I really admire authors who create such great works of fiction continuously.

So all in all, while I would love to be an author, I would probably prefer to be the interviewer.

Another awesome question this week from Rae, you should all go to her blog and start participating; I would love to know what everyone chose!



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