This or That…? #19

I am back this week with another This or That…? Challenge. Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles hosts this challenge; and she comes up with great topics to choose between. They are all worthy of disussion!

This week Rae wants to know…

Do you read one book at a time


Do you read multiple books and switch between them

I try so hard to read one book at a time, however it always ends up being multiple books at once, at I’ll go from book to book. Especially now that I am blogging and reading ARCs more often.

I now have a physical book, a kindle book; and an audio book at any given time that I am reading. The audiobook for when I am in the car, the ebook for all of my Netgalley ARCs, and of course the most beloved of all; physical written words.

I have trouble sticking with just one book most of the time because my interests can be so flighty at times. Unless a book really hooks me from the very begining, I will often jump around between books. Also if the book is really long, I will switch to something else just to get some air.

Another reason I am prone to reading many books at once, is that I get really excited for things, and I just have to start them right away! I won’t be able to stop thinking about it and therefore won’t enjoy reading anything else at that moment.

Well there you have it, I am an avid ‘currently reading’ hoarder šŸ™‚

What about you? One book at a time or many?



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