One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated again for The One Lovely Blog Award by the wonderful Jordan over at the Teens and Tweens Book Club. I highly suggest checking out her blog!

Jordan, I am sorry I am just now getting around to responding to your wonderful nomination. Thank you so much! Oh, and congrats on the 20 Followers!! Definitely keep up the work and store up your patience! 😀


  • Thank the person that nominated you.
  • Write seven facts about yourself
  • nominate seven bloggers and let them know you nominated them

The Facts

  1. My favorite genre can pretty much be summed up into dystopian fiction. I’ll devour anything Dystopian.
  2. I am obsessed with graham crackers and milk.
  3. I’m not a bah-humbuger, but I wouldn’t really say I’m festive either.
  4. I am a struggling Buddhist
  5. My shoe collection is trying to rival my book collection
  6. I HATE cooking. If my mom and my BFF didn’t insist on feeding me I would probably not have very many non-microwaveable foods
  7. I believe that J.K. Rowling can do no wrong! She is my literary Queen!

Again thank you for the nomination Jordan 😀




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