The 2016 Read My Books Challenge!


Here it is, I am officially entering into a challenge for the New Year, a challenge to finally read all of my freaking unread books. After going through all of my books, I realized that the amount of unread books is well over half of my collection! Not cool!

So my goal for 2016 is to read all of these books (I’m really going to do it), not buy new unread books (pshhh, I wish), unless I get rid of other books (what!?!) and create room on my shelves (ugh, I hate compromises with myself)

*Before I start, I apologize for being MIA last week. My whole week was bananas, and honestly, I was just too tired to open my computer. I am desperately trying to finish my December TBR (it’s not looking like I will make it 😦 ) so I spent any and all free time catching up on reading.

So here is the challenge which is hosted by Maron over at The Worn Bookworm.

All you have to do is count your books and then count all of your unread books and make a goal to read however many of your unread books throughout 2016. Pretty simple. Plus, at the end of the year your sign up post and all of your monthly update posts will enter you into a drawing of $30 to the Book Depository, as long as BD ships to your country. If that’s not a good deal, then I don’t know what is!

The Rules

  • Count up your unread books (whether physical, Kindle, ebook, audiobook, etc) and decide on how many you of those books you want to read in 2016.  You can make a list and include that in your sign-up post or you can just include the number.  I chose to create a page on my blog that has my entire physical book collection with the titles read bolded to help me keep track. 
  •  Create your sign-up post with your total number unread and the number that you want to accomplish reading in 2016 and link to it below. Sign-ups are open until January 10 @ 9 am CST.
  • When (if) you do your monthly review posts, add a line to show your progress and link up your posts to my 2016 RMHLC monthly update posts.
  • Optional: As you’re reading books for this challenge, feel free to use the hashtag #2016readmybooks on Twitter and Instagram to share the books you are reading.

The 2016 Read My Books Challenge

The Count

Total Books (Physical and EBook): 313

Total Unread (Physical and EBook): 202

The Goal

EBooks: 50

Physical Books: 30

So I have created two TBR jars for this challenge; one for physical books, and the other for EBooks.

So I am not going to list all of the books I have planned to read because it is a lot. I created a TBR for this challenge on Good reads, which you can check out here.

I do have my January list ready to go so here it is:

Sick Puppy (Skink #4) by Caril Hiaasen

Front Lines (Soldier Girl # 1) by Michael Grant

Nefertiti’s Heart  (Artifact Hunters #1) by A.W. Exley

So that begins the challenge. Is anyone else participating? Let me know so I can follow along with your posts!

Big thanks to Maron for initiating this challenge and getting me to read my unread books!

I look forward to seeing how everyone else does in this challenge 🙂


PS: I will have more posts for you later today. A few reviews (not good ones 😦 ) and i’ll try to throw in a few tags and awards. See you later 🙂


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