Featured Film Friday #3

I know, I know I am late to the game. In both seeing this movie and posting my review…to that I say….Blargh!

Hmm what to say about this movie…

It was terribly all of the dinosaurs were sad and boring, There was no Action, and Chris Pratt is ugly….OMG I AM JUST KIDDING!

This movie was EPIC! SO much action, so much intensity, so much feeling, so much…WTF!?!

They freaking created a monster! It just goes to show the human race NEVER learns from its mistakes!

I loved Chris Pratt, I loved Bruce Dallas-Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio (although I hated his character!).

Despite not having as many dinosaurs as the previous movies, they made up for it in the crazy abomination they created. Woah did he have so many crazy skills!

Now if you haven’t seen the movie skip this part because…spoilers.

So of course I am thrilled that at the end of everything of course nature always wins. The T-Rex with the help of the Raptors kicked sciences butt!

And can I just say how freaking adorable it is that Owen created pets of the Raptors. Is it just me or could you see love in their eyes?

How much do you want to bet that the Asian scientist took samples in that briefcase of his, and we will start all over!

5 Stars…this movie was amazing!


8 thoughts on “Featured Film Friday #3

  1. Glad you liked it! I just bought the 4 pack collector’s set on Amazon on Black Friday because I needed them all. This movie was on point and Chris Pratt is sexxxxxyyyyyyy. Also, I need my own raptors.

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