This or That…? #17

Okay, so everyone is in for a treat; unless you don’t like my posts…then you are…why are you even still here? Well, anyway as you can tell I am in a funky mood. My cat woke me up at an ungodly hour this morning and wouldn’t let me go back to sleep. He is currently now sleeping at the foot of my bed, that demon cat! So I will put this time to good use and catch up on posts! Starting with…

The This or That…? Challenge is a weekly meme hosted by Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles. In this theme she gives us two points and we debate…Yay! So this week is between two John Green books.


*Image borrowed from Rae

I will start off saying that John Green isn’t a must for me. I am not a big fan of contemporary, usually I will only read it if someone recommends it to me.

Next I will say that I have only read TFIOS, so I will start there. I really liked this book. It wasn’t brilliant, or action packed, and I can agree with Rae somewhat on the fact that it was somewhat of a pointless adventure, from an observer’s point of view. However, this book really does tug on my heartstrings. I fully admit that I cried. I loved Gus, he may have been my favorite character, and Hazel I wasn’t as fond of. Something about her just kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

As for the movie. It was okay. I really liked the guy who plays Gus. He went from playing a hated character (Divergent) to playing a really well liked one admirably. However, this movie sealed the deal with the actress. I just don’t like her.

Now, for Paper Towns; which I have not read or seen. I am a little unsure if I even want to at this point. I wasn’t enamored with TFIOS so I don’t feel a great need to read other things by this author, however the blurb for Paper Towns makes it sound very interesting. Rae’s opinion, which I highly regard, of the book makes me think twice. We will see though. It’s at least not on my immediate TBR.

Fir this challenge, I will choose TFIOS, really because I have read that one.

Thank you to Rae for this awesome challenge and Check her blog on Friday to find out the results of this challenge!



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