This or That…? #16

I almost forgot to make a post for this wonderful meme, and this week the challenge incorporates one of my favorite genres!!!

This meme is hosted by Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles. Go check out her posts and participate in this challenge, it is really fun!


This or That…? Challenge #16

Do you prefer:

utopian/dystopian novels


modern day novels

As if I could choose anything other than Dystopian novels! I swear that most of my favorite books are Dystopian. It really doesn’t matter in what genre they fall; YA, Horror, Sci-Fi, I enjoy a good Dystopian world.

I honestly couldn’t even really tell you exactly why I am fascinated with these sorts of novels. The hero/heroine saving the day despite the many hardships, and there are usually many. That love and friendship can grow in even the most destitute of situations. That no world is ever really so bad that we cannot overcome evil with goodness.

Plus, let’s just consider how creative one would need to be to create a whole new world, or take the world we live in and just destroy it. World shaping in most dystopian novels is incredibly elaborate and downright scary!

The Road, The Hunger Games, The Stand, Lord of the Flies, Ashfall, Divergent, Article 5…I don’t want to live in these worlds, but damn do I love to read about them!

Well there you are, I choose Dystopian/Utopian novels.

Thank you to Rae for this wonderful challenge, and thank you to the readers who have stuck through my loving rant of all things dystopian 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate) in case I don’t post tomorrow.




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