Featured Film Friday #2- The Mockingjay Part 2

First of all I just want to say how amazing the art work for the movie adaptions for this series has been!

Anyway, so on Wednesday I went with a group of friends to see the Double Feature of Mockingjay. I was a little disappointed they didn’t just do a marathon like with Twilight. However, the double feature was extremely cool! Plus, we got some really cool movie swag!


Isn’t the poster freaking cool!?!

Anyway so we watched Mockingjay part 1 first, and omg the feels! I had forgotten a little bit of the movie, so I am really glad I got to watch it again before part 2!

So then…Mockingjay Part 2, the final conclusion to The Hunger Games; and OMG THE FEELS!!! I seriously suggest (if you are a crier…if not then no worries) bringing some tissues, and don’t wear make up!

The movie adaption for the end of Mockingjay was just brilliant! They did such a good job of bringing these scenes to the screen. Jennifer freaking Lawrence is one hell of a gifted actress! The very end when she confronts Prim’s (:'( ) cat was epically heart wrenching. I want to cry just thinking about it!  I really enjoyed the little tidbit they added (when you see it you will know) to commemorate Finnick.

I am both really happy with how it turned out and sad that it is ending!  Thankfully it will always be within reach to live it again whether in written form or on the screen. Now Suzanne Collins can begin another epic series for us!

Go see the movie tonight! If not tonight, ASAP!!!



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