The Autumn Book Tag

My tags are beginning to pile up (eek!) so I decided to catch up before I get really behind.

So over here in the US, on the sunny west coast it is FALL! Although you wouldn’t know it by our strange early Winter. California was just so excited for the release of Marissa Meyers Winter, that the real winter reared its head months early (hehe).

Anyway, lets move on, shall we…

I was tagged by the beautiful Sue’s reading corner. Go check out her blog asap, and her answers for the tag!

What is your favorite thing about autumn?

downloadEverything pumpkin. I am sure by now this is almost a predictable answer, but what can I say. I love pumpkin. Pie, donuts, coffee, cheesecake, you name it i’ll eat/drink it. Oh and of course Thanksgiving! MmmmMmm FOOD!

What book reminds you of your school days?

The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I didn6288‘t read it until college actually but I really loved it!

What cover reminds you of autumn?

A_Walk_to_Remember_(Hardcover)I had to google covers of books because I don’t own a single book that puts me in mind of fall. This one however, is perfect.

What is your favorite horror or Halloween story?

Anything by Stephen King and Jonathan Maberry!


What is your favorite horror or Halloween film?p10703_p_v7_ae.jpg


Its hard really to choose a specific favorite. Horror is a favorite genre of mine. However I will say that although this choice isn’t necesarily horror or halloweenish it is one of my ultimate favorites.

What fall book release are you looking forward to?

13206900It has already been released, but I am most excited to read Winter by Marissa Meyer!!

What autumn movie release are you most anticipating?

MOCKINGJAY PT. 2…which I am seeing tonight!!

images (3)

What are three books you plan to read this autumn?

Hmmm…Good question. I am trying not to plan that far ahead right now. I am ultimately trying to get through all the books I own that I havent read, and all of the books I need to read/review. Those are my goals.

That is it, that is all 🙂

Thank you for sticking through this tag! I am not going to specifically TAG anyone in this (i am feeling rather lazy today) so please feel free to tag yourselves in this! Send me a link to your post so I can take a look as well 🙂


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