This or That #15

Good Day my wonderful fellow bloggers! I have a new This or That…? for you this week. Of course this weekly meme is hosted by Rae. Please check out her site, and follow along with the meme..or participate.


This weeks challenge has everything to do with The Hunger Games, which, Mockingjay Part 2 comes out Friday!

hunger-games-trilogy-books-covers - Copy

The Hunger Games


divergent-insurgent-allegiant - Copy


*On a side note, do I prefer Katniss or Tris?

Okay, so I wan’t to start off by saying that I love the Divergent series, even despite the ending (which was awful, it should not have ended that way)!

and….maybe if it was pitted against anything BUT The Hunger Games, I might have had a different answer.

THG flat out wins my utmost approval! This story is just amazing, it brings out all of the feels! The movies are spectacular and I can’t think of a single thing to complain about with the movie adaptions (unlike with Divergent…I don’t like the movies).

Now as for Tris vs. Katniss….is there even any competition!?! Katniss of course. The character of Katniss (in fact all of the characters in THG) are just so well written, and with each book Katniss develops really well. She is believable and relatable. Tris on the other hand definietly is not my favorite character, and I was often like WTH are you doing!?! There was just something about her that made it hard for me to really connect with her individually. Of course when you put Four into the mix…I oddly liked her as a couple rather then on her own…If that makes any sense? haha.

Well there you have it. THG for the win!



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