This or That…? #13

Its Monday, that means there is a fresh This or That…? Challenge. Woah, am I really answering this challenge…on a Monday!?! That means I am a head of the game today!! It feels so good to be able to post my response to this challenge on time (I know I actually I have until Friday) . For the last few weeks I have felt overwhelmed with that amount of back log I have…posts, reading, work, relationships etc.,. There has literally been no time, and I have felt rushed through much of it. However, today feels like a new day!

Anyway, on to the real purpose of this post!

The This or That…? Challenge is of course hosted by the magnificent Rae. I hope by now everyone is pretty familiar with this challenge, and possibly participating. If not head on over to he blog and check it out. It is super fun!

Today’s challenge is…

How [do] you choose what books to buy. Do you make your choice based off of reviews (Goodreads, recommendations from friends, etc.)


Do you go with your own instincts? (You thought the summary sounded good, you thought the cover was pretty, etc.)

I will have to say I go more with my instinct when I actually buy a book. A lot of my reading material has been given to me, or I borrow it from the library; so when I buy a book it is usually because I have been dying to put it physically on my bookshelf or it is from one of auto buy authors.

However, when I choose a book to enter a giveaway, or request an ARC it is usually entirely by instinct.

What is your method of choosing books?



4 thoughts on “This or That…? #13

  1. Feeling organised is the best, so I’m glad you’re on top of things 🙂 I really need to start doing this post, it looks like so much fun! I’m sort of a mixture of both for this one… I look at what other people have said, but I make my own opinions from the blurb of the popular books

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    1. You should definitely join in! It is very fun, and Rae has great challenges! I try very hard to never look at what people have actually said about the book, as I really feel like my instinct is usually spot on. However, I have been known to look at the over all rating on Goodreads, if it is below 3.5 I usually just skip it.

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