Thursday Quotables- October 29. 2015

Welcome, welcome. Today is another Thursday and I am here to offer you a Thursday Quotables post! This weekly meme is hosted by the amazing Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies. She has a wonderful passage from one of my favorite childhood books…The Call of the Wild by Jack London! So check out her blog and then participate in this meme!

Okay, so this week has been extremely hectic so I haven’t gotten much time for reading, except for one audio book and I can’t remember any exciting or really good quotes I want to share from that (*Note* I don’t think I will be reviewing A Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan but it was pretty good: 3/5 Stars).

Anyway, today’s quote will be from After Alice by Gregory Maguire, which I have finished (Review), but I really thought this was a funny and quirky quote.

“Ill-Tempered, temperate, is a distinction without a difference” said the Knight. “As illeterate can refer to a cat who refuses to deliver a litter of kittens and instead delivers newspapers it has no capacity to read.”

“Ill-tempered and temperate are most certainly different states. They are opposites.”

“The Queen has become quite raveled over the theft of her tarts,” insisted the Knight. “And you know what that means.”


“It means unraveled. I rest my case”

This passage was on pg 109. It for the most part sums up the wackiness of Wonderland. I don’t know how Ada didn’t get frustrated traveling through this world.

Until next time my beautiful friends,



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