This or That…? #12

Oh my, Rae has done it again! This weeks This or That…? challenge was to choose between

own your own bookshop (spruce it up how ever you like)


Get paid to read (on your own timeline and read whatever you want)

and…I can’t choose both!! What!?! So I am going to be sneaky, heheh. Sorry Rae, I found a loophole 😛

I am going to choose owning my own book shop. I would get to decorate it and choose the music that plays, and offer book recommendations and treats and coffee! It would be amazing. I would have events, and prefered customers, and all kinds of neat bookish treats for my community!

Now for the loophole…as a book store owner I would pretty much be paying myself to read! I could just read all day long in a comfy chair in my bookstore.

I hope you enjoyed my answers to this challenge. Be sure to check out Rae’s blog and see what others have been saying about this challenge!

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “This or That…? #12

  1. I think owning a bookshop would be awesome, but where the problem would come in is when you have to say goodbye to all the wonderful books when you sell them! I don’t think I could handle that….

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