This or That…? #11

Guys, I was so bummed I wasn’t able to participate in last weeks This or That…? Challenge. I love these weekly challenges!! They are hosted by Rae @ Bookmarkchronicles. Follow her, participate, do all of the above. She is wonderful and creates such wonderful challenges!

I am so excited to come back to this challenge to find that it is about Harry Potter!! I am such a Potter nerd!!! Thanks Rae for making my re-initiation ( I know, I know I only sat out for one week, I am in a dramatic mood) to this challenge right up my alley!!! 😀

Rae’s challenge this week was to choose between

Only reading the Harry Potter series for the rest of your life


Watching the Harry Potter movies for the rest of your life

Well, really which ever you choose its win, win. Because you still get HP in your life, and not having that is a bleak existence indeed!

The movies are action packed, and they really did a good job of staying true to the books and its characters. Plus I love all of the actors! I could relive the story everyday a lot easier with the movies.

Then there are the books. Just to hold them in my hand feels like a golden privilege. I couldn’t imagine not being able to pick them up…or even just to stare at them on their bookshelf throne. Re-reading the books is always like coming back home; I could never tire of it!

Still, I suppose I must choose one or the other. That is the point of this.

I choose the books. Because as much as I love the movies I feel much more attached to the books, and I just can’t imagine a world where I didn’t have access to the words!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramble of Harry Potter obsessiveness.

Until next time my friends,



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