I Read It!- Review of Scorched by Michael Soll

Title:  Scorched

 Series:  Not sure

Author: Michael Soll

Publisher: ?

Published Date: October 30, 2014

Genre: SciFi/Dystopian, Young Adult

 Format: Paperback

Pages: 222

           Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

I received this book in a giveaway on Goodreads from Michael Soll

Synopsis (from Goodreads) Add it to my shelf

After a solar flare scorched the Earth and incinerated the atmosphere, survivors dug deep beneath the surface, discovering a new means of life where none had ever lived.

Spec is an ordinary 16-year-old residing underground in the Hive, a modern-day colony where he and 73 other human beings survive.

Every day is the same for Spec.

Wake up.
Mine for clay and insects.

That’s why he has decided to venture outside of the colony with his best friend, Cotta. Spec plans on going where there are no ceilings and no walls, a place where there are no barriers. He plans on going to the mythical surface. 

My Review

If you know me or follow me on social media at all…you know that I LOVE SciFi and Dystopian novels. So this review is very painful for me.

Though, I did not hate this book I really didn’t like it, and that was such a disappointment. This story had so much potential to be absolutely amazing! The plot is unique and something that isn’t hard to imagine could very well happen somewhere in the future.

I don’t know if maybe this was the author’s first novel, or that it wasn’t edited very well, but it felt very juvenile and underdeveloped. There was no substance to any of the character s or the plot line and it ended up just feeling really flat. I understand that this book is somewhat peddled to a younger audience, but the nature of this book is highly catered to a mature audience; sex, M/M kissing, cannibalism, and murder. I think the only thing childlike in this book is the age of the characters. Which makes the writing style even more of a letdown.

I will say he makes several great sociological and political points in his novel that bring to question everything about societies. However, they are buried beneath repetitive philosophy, and I don’t do well with philosophy. I almost felt like I was being hit over the head with these points, because of how often they were mentioned throughout the story. Still they are very good points!

Over all, great potential; could have been developed better.


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