Shadowhunter Saturday

So clearly the Shadowhunter world created by the beautiful Cassandra Clare is dominating the blogosphere and pretty much the internet today! I would expect nothing less. In fact we could possibly fangirl just a little harder :-P.

The Shadowhunter fans were given such amazing treats today!

Finally a full length trailer for the Shadowhuners TV Show on ABC.

AND a release date

JANUARY 12,2016

AND a cover reveal for Lady Midnightt book one in the Dark Artifices series, out March 2016.


Today is practically a holiday; you think I could call in and ask for it off!?!

You’re right, my boss will probably laugh at me, as he fires me. Anyway, I wish I could post more for you guys today but alas, I must make some money, to pay for my book addiction.

I will have tons of stuff for you guys on Monday plus I plan to do a little construction on my blog. Stay posted for all the new stuff I have planned!

You guys are the BEST!!

Until next time my friends,



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