WWW Wednesday- October 07, 2015

I am so behind this week!! Since work has started up again, I have found my time increasingly diminishing. I need to set up some kind of plan and stick with it!

Anyway, I wanted to at least give you guys this before I head in to work today. I will hopefully have some reviews and other posts for you tomorrow.

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam. Check out her blog!!!

What am I Currently Reading?

Oh boy…nothing much has really changed so here is my list I’m trying to finish.

24187925 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00031] 18481271 17675462 15839976

What Have I Finished Reading?

I have been very behind..so here it is (Reviews coming soon!)

11408650 18481271 I still need to read Fracture Me

What Will I Be Reading In The Future?

I plan to finish all of these series in the next few weeks. I did add Maggie Steifvaters Shiver series to my list and I just bought the Twilight 10th Anniversary edition with the gender swap story! So that is also now added!

Sorry this was so short! I am now off to get ready for work. I LOVE my job…but adulting can be so inconvenient sometimes 🙂

Until next time my friends,



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