This or That…? #7

This or That…? is a weekly challenge hosted by Bookmark Chronicles. Visit her blog and check out her challenge and consider participating!

The This or That…? challenge this week is all about DNFs. The Did Not Finish, those sour disappointments that occasionally filter through our reading history; or if you’re one of the lucky ones, those mythical nightmares that sometimes your bookish friends complain about.

Whether you power through on principle, unable to let a book on your TBR go unfinished; or toss it aside, life is too short…we’ve all come across those books that we just struggle to enjoy; and even struggle to finish!

I myself fall into a wobbly third category. I am loath to leave a book unfinished, however if it is really a hardship to read said book, I will just toss it aside. Life really is too short to read a book I will just hate. Therefore I will absolutely try to find some redeeming quality and finish it. Thankfully it is very rare that I start a book that I am not willing to finish. I have a great knack for picking out books to read that I will generally like; even when delving into new genres. Which has been a blessing!

However, that does not mean I have never comes across those horrid nightmares, DNFs! The worst part about a DNF is when you know this is a good book (well written, good premise, everyone else loves it) but you just can’t bring yourself to care about it. You get left in the dust by all the amazing and beautiful reviews, all of your bookish friends rave about it…and you’re over there sitting in your corner all ‘meh’. Then comes the inevitable and awful reading slump, the unfortunate cause and effect of such a disappointment. You begin to question your book judgement; how could you have picked such an awful book? You begin to fear that each new book will just be an even greater disappointment; Whats the point? You consider just re-reading one of your favorite books but even that feels like a chore. Then you pull yourself from this annoying pity party…you remember why it is that you love to read…DNFs and all. You find that bestseller that’s been on your TBR forever and you delve back into the world of magical words; and all is bliss again.

Can you tell I despise DNFs? Well now that my awful depressing rant is over – fell free to step away and eat some chocolate or sip some tea to compensate for the downward spiral this post has taken; I promise I am most definitely back to my cheery self :-)- let’s get to the heart of this challenge.

Do you DNF a book usually because you’re incredibly bored to the point that you may fall asleep or because  you’re so attached that you can’t just can’t let it end?

This is an easy answer. I DNF because I am so incredibly bored! This is usually if I just can’t muster up any feelings for the characters, the plot, just about everything. I have no interest in what will happen.

Now, with that said, I have on occasion taken a really long time to finish a book if I don’t want it to end, or I find a spoiler I am not particularly happy with; but they don’t count as DNFs because I always finish them eventually.

Thanks to the lovely Bookmark Chronicles for posting this wonderful and intriguing challenge! I would love to read what everyone else thinks about DNFs. Link in the comments to your post so I check it out!

Until next time my friends



8 thoughts on “This or That…? #7

  1. Thank you so much for participating!! You are such an amazing writer 🙂 DNFs are really really terrible which is why I have only done it once. But you’re right, it really does put you in a weird spot and start questioning your book choosing skills. Thank you again!

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