Most Likely To…(Book Tag!)

Hey guys! Found this super fun book tag over at My Tiny Obsessions ( The featured image was borrowed from her…because it is very pretty!) This tag was started by Becca @Becca and Books. Go follow their amazing blogs!!

So this is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. In highschool everyone was grouped into Most Likely to… categories in all of the year books. Now the characters from our favorite books will be sought, sorted, and plugged away into their very own categories. I promise evrything is completely random! So here it goes


  1. Put 18 book characters into a jar and shake it up.
  2. Have the first three most likely to… categories ready. Pick three names from the jar and apply them to the first three categories.
  3. Keep going until you have none left!

First Round

Categories: Most Likely to…                                              

  1. Murder Someone
  2. Change The World
  3. Get Into A Physical Altercation


  1. ‘Captain’ Thorne (Lunar Chronicles)
  2. Melanie Stryder/Wanderer (The Host)
  3. Moist von Lipwig (Discworld)

Melanie  would definitely murder someone if she has to. Wanderer ( the alien inside her) is all about the non violence, but considering Melanie is still very much conscious, I do believe that together they can murder if they had to!

Moist von Lipwig will definitely change the world…and not because he wants to…but because he’s probably being blackmailed into it! However, I can say, it will most likely be changed for the good.

‘Captain’ Thorne has and most likely will continue to be in many physical altercations. It’s that beautiful mouth of his 😉

Second Round

Categories: Most Likely To…                            

  1. To be rich
  2. Be arrested for indecent exposure
  3. Lose their phone


  1. Jace (The Mortal Instruments)
  2. Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)
  3. Magnus Bane (The Infernal Devices & The Mortal Instruments)

Hmmm…Okay. Bilbo Baggins is rich…because he lived forever and is a hoarder. I was going to say Magnus but he can get whatever he wants with magic, and I can’t remember if he was rich in the series. Probably well off…however, I can see him ‘losing’ his phone…likely so that no one will contact him. Now for Jace, I can absolutely see him running around with no clothes (considering he implied that he did this once). I know people will say that the police can’t see him because of shadowhunter runes. Well I will say… Do you really think Jace isn’t capable of showing himself to the police just to mock them!?!

Third Round

Categories: Most Likely To..                          

  1. Go sky-diving
  2. Join the military
  3. Record a song


  1. Lilah (Rot & Ruin)
  2. Hazel Lancaster (The Fault In Our Stars)
  3. Karl Reuger (Pine Deep)

This one is soooooo Hard. Lilah will go sky-diving, because she’s bad ass; Rueger will join the military, because he likes to kill things; and Hazel will record a song, because that is what is left.

Fourth Round

Categories: Most Likely To…                          

  1. Become a parent
  2. Be a detective
  3. Be famous


  1. Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments)
  2. Matthew de Clairmont (All Souls)
  3. Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird)

Atticus is a parent so there is that. Isabelle will be famous, naturally. Matthew is a scientist so that’s like a detective.

Fifth Round

Categories: Most Likely To…                           

  1. Spill the beans
  2. Be a serial killer
  3. Suffer from ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome


  1. Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
  2. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)
  3. Tessa Gray (The Infernal Devices)

ugh! None of these characters are serial killers!!! I needed this for Karl Rueger (who is a serial killer!)

Harry will unintentionally spill the beans, Ron has the ‘foot in the mouth’ syndrome. And since Tessa is a Shadowhunter by marriage, I’m sure she does her fair share of demon killing…therfore she is a demon serial killer. That is the best I can do for this…

Sixth Round

Categories: Most Likely To…                                  

  1. Win an argument
  2. Throw a party
  3. Spend the most time on Facebook


  1. Crow (Pine Deep)
  2. Benny Immura (Rot & Ruin)
  3. Tamlin (A Court Of Thorns And Roses)

This one was also hard! Ugh! Okay so Benny would spend the most time on FB, because he is a teenager and I can see him on a computer a lot, if the zombie apocalypse still had internet. Tamlin would throw a party because he’s royalty and I assume they have lots of parties. Crow would sort of win an argument I guess. Val will most likely win but since they are a couple I will combine them. Crow/Val will win the argument.

Thats it! This was so fun, and so challenging as well! I tag anyone who hasn’t don it yet, but would like to try it out! I recommend you do!

Until next time my friends,


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