My first participation in the Top Ten Tuesday created by The Broke and Bookish. This is a weekly theme were we get to make lists! I have a feeling this will often be difficult for me to do, as it is often hard for me to narrow things down! Oh well…lets give it a go!

So this weeks prompt is to list 10 of the book characters that I did not connect with. As I thought this wasn’t easy, I have been thinking about it all day trying to rate which ones I didn’t click with more then others to get a top ten. So I just decided to go with the ones from my most recent reads; and this is in no particular order (except from my read shelf on Goodreads)


1.) Blake Landon (Hacker Series): I have only read the first book, but quite frankly that was enough! I did not enjoy the story; and I did not enjoy anything to with Blake. He was manipulative, egotistical; and frankly didn’t have a good enough reason for being that way…in my opinion.


2.) Alienated Series: I’m just going to say everyone from this series, because I am still disappointed in it! Plus, I really didn’t like any of the characters. This book did nothing for me.


3.) Warren (Shatter Me Series): I know that this will be unpopular, but he was despicable. The worst of humanity all wrapped up into a horny teenager. I don’t understand how people can be in love with him! But, I do absolutely adore this series!! Its quite possible i’ll learn something about Warren as I continue on that will change my mind; but for now he makes the list.


4.) Jasper Renn (Steampunk Chronicles): There just was no substance to this character.


5.) Nicki Clements (Woman With A Secret: Spilling CID #9): Nicky Clements was awful. I couldn’t even finish this book! I still have no idea what the secret is, because I just couldn’t handle her whining about her secret, and how must be always kept a secret the whole time! Granted this is part of a series that I accidentally stepped into the middle of…but I really did not like this woman!


6.) The Men and Milagros Carmona (The Barefoot Queen by Ildefonso Falcones): Okay, there was a lot about this book I didn’t like. Milagros was spoiled, high handed, and absolutely thought of herself as better then those around her (which seemed to be a general theme with everyone who was gypsy in this book.). For a male writer the men in this book were surprisingly ‘wolfish’. They acted purely animalistic when it came to women in general.


7.) Peter (Ape House by Sarah Gruen): Because he is an awful boyfriend and even worse human being. I wont give you spoilers in case you want to read it, but he is despicable and cares only for money not the Apes!


8.) Jacob Black (Twilight Series): I am not team Jacob. He is annoying. That is all!


9.) Gale (The Hunger Games Series): I have no feelings whatsoever for Gale.


10.) Julia Shumway (Under The Dome by Stephen King): While there is no shortage of characters to hate in this book; I would say the only one I could have lived without is Julia. I know she is the heroes love interest but I really can’t remember anything spectacular about her. Shes much better in the TV show.

Well that is my Top Ten Tuesday list. Be sure to check out Broke and Bookish and add your name to the list if you participated!

Happy blogging my friends.



12 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAY!!

    1. I get the distinct impression that there is something in Warner’s past that makes his actions maybe make sense…or at least makes him more likeable. I don’t know…I just can’t imagine liking him! We’ll see though…I could totally end up on the Warner band wagon. Haha.


    1. I was just like Eh, the whole time! I feel like Gale was pretty much put in there just to create a love triangle.

      You had a pretty nice list, admittedly I haven’t read a lot of the books you listed. I disagree (politely 🙂 ) with Feyre. I can see how she could be annoying in the beginning, but I liked her. I agree with Tris. I would always run hot and cold with her.


      1. Yeah I agree. Thanks! That’s fine you’re welcome to your opinion, it’s not really that I don’t like Feyre, I just didn’t immediately click with her and even though I like her more now than at the start of the book, she still has moments where she really frustrates me! Yeah, a few people seem to feel like that about Tris! I’m glad it’s not just me!

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