The Best Morning News!

So last night I went to my best friends house and we watched The Woman In Black 2. I thought the worst part about it would be not being able to watch Daniel Radcliff for a few hours…boy was I wrong! I loved The Woman in Black, it was so suspenseful. The Sequel however, was absolutely boring and very anticlimactic. I was so  disappointed.  After that I got home around midnight and then woke up at 6am to help my dad dig trenches…I figure today would be one of those days.

The bright spot however is the really awesome news I received this morning from my sister.Jonathan Maberry is compiling short stories based in the Rot and Ruin world.


From Jonathan Maberry’s Facebook “Joe Ledger and Iron Mike Sweeney guest star in BITS & PIECES, a collection of Rot & Ruin short stories. Debuts 9/22”

I am so excited for this!! I love Maberry’s Rot and Ruin series! It was one of the few books that I felt ended so beautifully. Maberry, for me, is one of those authors that can really do no wrong. I just love everything he does! I also read his Pine Deep trilogy; and it was freaking awesome!

Has anyone else read a Jonathan Maberry novel?


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