Hello Fellow Bibliophiles!

Hello there!

I am Jacqueline, or Jackie. I was born on the tail end of Pisces, I enjoy the color green, bread, my cat Atticus Finch (who also happens to be one of my favorite novel characters), and long walks along the book isles! 🙂 I am also an avid outdoor enthusiast, dedicated bestie to my BFF and aunt to her two amazing children. My life pretty much revolves around all of these things!

I am pretty new to this blogging thing. I started with Tumblr but have now upgraded to wordpress. I am so far liking wordpress a lot more!

Of course I AM a voracious reader. My best friend tries to get me into T.V. shows all the time and I just never stick with them long, even though I generally enjoy them. I would just rather spend my time reading! I read just about everything fictional. From middle-grade to adult, YA, Mystery, Thriller; pretty much everything! I am really in a YA kick right now though. Some of my favorite authors are J.K Rolling (Of Course!!!), Stephen King, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Madeleine L’Englel, Martha Grimes, Suzanne Collins; to just name a few.

I look forward to meeting everyone!!!

Happy blogging!


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